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March 2009
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Coalition boycotts Mexico Tourism
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A coaliton against illegal immigration launched a boycott against tourism to Mexico with a goal of halting the flow through distribution of fliers along the international border in San Ysidro in San Diego County.  Accusing Mexico of being aggressive and hostile to the United States and disrespectful of its laws, this Minutemen group and groups nationwide, including Huntington Beach’s Coalition for Immigration Reform, are urging Americans to stay in the U.S. and not give tourist dollars to Mexico.

About 22 million people visit Mexico every year and it’s believed that the effort will barely influence of affect individuals crossing the border for anything from a cheap vacation to legalized drinking or even medicine, cosmetics and surgery. The timing of this effort comes on the heels of an announcement yesterday that an illegal citizen and her Mexican daughter can stay in Huntington Beach for the welfare of the child, whose father seeks custody of his daughter in Mexico.

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Surf Season Launched in HB
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Huntington Beach’s surfing competition season switched into high gear recently with the launch of the Association of Surfing Professionals’ North America Longboard Qualifying Series event, Costa del Mar. Local surfer Colin McPhillips from San Clement took home the prize in the this first event. He’s aiming for his 4th longboard world title. Outranking Kai Sallas, Steve Newton, and Surf City’s own Josh Mohr, there’s still plenty of room as the season advances into its next competition. 

Professional Longboard Association is back in action and has given the longboarders a tour to embrace in the region–a California tour. It’s been at least four or five years since longboard surfing has carried a season worth of its own events. U.S. Open basically has been “it”.  Next on the tour is a PLA event April 25-26 at Ventura. Oxbow is planning
two world-class events this year– to be announced.

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Surf City Resides in Your Heart & Soul
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Stroll down Main Street and you may think, “This is Surf City.” While residents around the globe live near the ocean, the surf, and have become familiar with the term, “surfing” as in surfing the web, the concept of Surf City has grown to embrace the physical place and a place in our hearts and souls. No where would you see that more than California beach communities that embrace the concept of Surf City as a physical, wave-riding destination. Several such places come to mind. Huntington Beach is one. San Diego’s Swami is another. Encinitas is filled with so many that when you drop by, it’s really a surfer’s paradise. And let’s not forget the people to the north in Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara (Rincon fame), Surfer’s Knoll in Ventura, and of course, Mavericks and Santa Cruz.

When you wander the downtown tourist destinations in these California beach communities you’ll find lots of souvenirs. Gifts and
curios, memorabilia, quirky flip-flops and sunglasses and even baseball caps all offer the locals and travelers something they can afford to show they’ve been there and bought the t-shirt. I previously worked to help California Greetings launch lines of HB themed surfing gifts, but before that, I got Tine & Bud down at the Surf City Store to get their online web store launched. I loved Huntington Beach and its knick knacks, and am glad to see these dedicated shop owners sell the items that make tourists happy.

At California Greetings, I first met Joe Shaw when I worked at the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau in 301 Main, upstairs from the new California Greetings that had just opened. Shaw brought our office a nice planter and invited us to shop at his store. I loved his merchandise and was glad that downtown Huntington Beach finally got a store that offered a more upscale supply of beach-themed and home decor gifts. Shaw and his partner, Richie Lam, sold the store, and Debbie now owns it. She comes from a retail background, having co-owned and operated Surf City Candy at one time. Debbie is a real smart lady, great marketer, and brings a more feminine approach to the shop. (We all know that women do most the shopping.) If you’re looking for nice items and affordable prices, be sure to visit the California Greetings store in downtown Huntington Beach. It’s really a fun place to shop.

Huntington Beach’s California Beach Vacation
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California Beach Vacations are awesome in Huntington Beach. If miles of sandy California beaches appeal to your sense of serenity and adventure, you’ll discover you can look to infinity practically. Gaze as far as the eyes can see to 8.5 miles of beachfront, the longest uninterupted coastline in the region.  With four separate beaches for your beach pleasure, you’re bound to discover miles of pleasure. Broken down into the separate beaches I enjoy: Huntington City Beach features the prime location next to the famed HB Pier.
Bolsa Chica State Beach is the northernmost beach on PCH between Golden West & Warner Streets.
Dog Beach is part of City Beach. It is located at Seapoint to Golden West on PCH.
Huntington State Beach is the southernmost beach with lots of firepits. It gets the bulk of the beach parking in the summer months.

Now the hotels at these beaches go like this:
Bolsa Chica features to great Sunset Beach hotels, Ramada Limited and Best Western Harbour Inn.
Huntington City Beach features Best Western Huntington Beach Inn, Shorebreak Hotel, Hilton Hotel and Hyatt Regency Resort.