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April 2008
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Maria Menounos at Volleyball Tournament
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Maria MenounosMaria Menounos, a former beauty pageant contestant and now field reporter for a Hollywood  gossip tv show, Access Hollywood, hopes to qualify for a position in the  Huntington Beach AVP Crocs Cuervo Gold Crown Open this weekend in HB. This is the beautiful Greek woman with long dark hair, big brown eyes, and an award-winning figure to rock men off their feet. She’s a total show-stopper in a bikini, according to the adoring male fans who have written columns and blog notes about her on the internet, stating in naughty language that they’d like to be her love interest, if for only a day (and if their girlfriends and wives would allow them the pleasure. ) Model/Actress and entertainment correspondent Maria Menounos will attempt to qualify for the AVP Cuervo Gold Crown. Menounos hopes her athleticism coupled with her 5′ 9″ stature will enable her to experience the same success on the beach volleyball court that she’s had in front of the camera. All eyes are on the prize in this heated competition.

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Huell Howser Came to HB
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Huell Howser came to HB. Rumors that a deal was struck between HBCVB and Newport Beach CVB to pay for Huell Howser to do one of his episodes locally (you don’t think he does these with public PBS funding, do you?) may have been realized when Huell showed up, fresh from his Palm Springs abode to check out the Shipley Nature Center, among various highlights of the city. Hitting all of HB’s hot spots, he met with Shipley Nature Center staff, Visitors Bureau Chairman of the Board Shirley Dettloff, and a large cast of characters. Huell is known for his PBS series, California Gold, and other films and videos his production company produces and runs on PBS. A proponent for gay issues in Palm Springs where Howser resides, the Tennessee native is especially recognized for his Southern drawl and friendly presence reaching “every man” with his interviews that are simple to understand and popular in school curricula.

What a Way to End the April Calendar!
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marion meadows saxophonist

For those who are just getting off the sugar high from all the chocolates and wine supplied at the Taste of Huntington Beach last Saturday, you don’t have to let the good times end. Luggatti’s in downtown Huntington Beach will be featuring the wines of Napa Valley’s Silverado in a five course meal April 28. Reservations required.

Food is plentiful but the you really should get out there and wear it off. Saturday in Central Park you can take a stroll through the Spring Festival grounds of Shipley Nature Center to do just that. Musical acts are hot this week. Saxophonist Marion Meadows will perform in the smooth jazz style at Central Library Theater Saturday night, while on Sunday, rock it with Billy Blastoff & The Surf Rockets, The Insect Surfers and Boardwalkers. This concert is free at the Surfing Museum. These are just a few highlights of another ordinary April in Huntington Beach, Calif. Get out and live it!

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Weekend Picks For April
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Huntington Beach wetlands

About the photo above: Dogs are not allowed at the wetlands, contrary to the image shown above.  People actually bring pets there, unaware. They somehow wander past the “NO PETS” sign. Do not take pets to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, please!

There are over 50 events and activities in Huntington Beach this weekend of April 19 -20, 2008. Get out and boogie!  The weekend approaches in Huntington Beach and there’s a whole new crop of green events to celebrate not only Earth Day, but also Arbor Day. Jean Nagy will be out planting trees in Gibbs Butterfly Park. A nasty beatle got into the Eucalyptus grove and chomped away and ate up nearly half the forest. It’s looking pretty baren now, so if you can go over and lend a hand, Jean always likes help. Bring gloves and shovels.

While some will be planting, cleaning beaches and wetlands (there’s always a poop scoop cleanup going on at Dog Beach), others will be feasting on the Taste of Huntington Beach Restaurants. Put together mostly by Ron McLin, manager of Longboard Pub in downtown HB, this guy is amazing at how he can rally the local restaurants to participate for the fundraiser. Proceeds go to Central Library, a fitting place for the new HB Taste of event location, HB Sports Complex. We wondered how long the Hyatt Resort would support this event. It was one of the messier events as people crammed into the ballroom space and overflowed into the patios, drinking dining with samples and spilling all over the carpets. There surely must have been a huge cleanup effort after each of these events generously hosted there the past several years. In the new outdoor venue, they can hose the place down.

Launching the Surfin Sundays concert series at the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum is Surftones. Also premiering will be two art exhibits at the museum. One features Jan & Dean and the other, the original art of surfer Celine Chat. Dean Torrence fans will get to see the musician, who will make a guest appearance in between his gigs. We’ve noticed he and his band (he’s a local HB guy) will be playing around the globe upcoming.

Event Driven Huntington Beach
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When we write articles about Huntington Beach, we generally state there are no theme parks or major attractions except for one–the beach. The beach is the heart of events activities during the summer months. Upcoming at the beach is the AVP Pro Beach Volley Ball tournament May 2 - 4, 2008. A trend last year and this year, however, is the beach events such as the recent NPPL Paintball tournament charged fees (ticket required) to see the main arena games. And now the AVP announces it is charging, as well. It began doing so last year (2007), when it threatened to end its appearance in Huntington Beach because it was not allowed to charge.  There must be a way that these groups are skirting the coastal regulations for charging for events on public beaches. If this trend continues, the events that impact the beaches and require city resources will feed back into the coffers of interested parties, but will not serve the public’s needs for access to these public beaches. 

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April is Earth Day in HB
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Earth Day has become a national celebration and thanks to some great PR, the events range from wine tasting and food sampling to beach clean-ups, the majority of events in Huntington Beach. We called Simple Green, a Huntington Beach-based green products company making cleansers and ecology-friendly items, and asked them what their sponsorship and involvment would be this year. Surprisingly, their PR person said they are not participating in a Huntington Beach clean up program. In past years they have brought out their huge inflatable Egbar, contributed trash bags, and awarded prizes for community teams. Simple Green spokesperson stated that they will be involved in an Earth Day project in a Southern California city.

What’s happening on this Earth Day 2008 or the weeks surrounding it are clean-ups that normally occur in Huntington Beach, California. With several wetlands nonprofit organizations and another dedicated to the Central Park Nature Center stewardship, clean-ups and volunteerism are regular, ongoing efforts. If you would like to be involved in these groups and their good deeds, volunteering doesn’t require a long-term commitment. It is possible to lend a hand for just a day

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