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November 2022
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Weekend Picks For April
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Huntington Beach wetlands

About the photo above: Dogs are not allowed at the wetlands, contrary to the image shown above.  People actually bring pets there, unaware. They somehow wander past the “NO PETS” sign. Do not take pets to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, please!

There are over 50 events and activities in Huntington Beach this weekend of April 19 -20, 2008. Get out and boogie!  The weekend approaches in Huntington Beach and there’s a whole new crop of green events to celebrate not only Earth Day, but also Arbor Day. Jean Nagy will be out planting trees in Gibbs Butterfly Park. A nasty beatle got into the Eucalyptus grove and chomped away and ate up nearly half the forest. It’s looking pretty baren now, so if you can go over and lend a hand, Jean always likes help. Bring gloves and shovels.

While some will be planting, cleaning beaches and wetlands (there’s always a poop scoop cleanup going on at Dog Beach), others will be feasting on the Taste of Huntington Beach Restaurants. Put together mostly by Ron McLin, manager of Longboard Pub in downtown HB, this guy is amazing at how he can rally the local restaurants to participate for the fundraiser. Proceeds go to Central Library, a fitting place for the new HB Taste of event location, HB Sports Complex. We wondered how long the Hyatt Resort would support this event. It was one of the messier events as people crammed into the ballroom space and overflowed into the patios, drinking dining with samples and spilling all over the carpets. There surely must have been a huge cleanup effort after each of these events generously hosted there the past several years. In the new outdoor venue, they can hose the place down.

Launching the Surfin Sundays concert series at the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum is Surftones. Also premiering will be two art exhibits at the museum. One features Jan & Dean and the other, the original art of surfer Celine Chat. Dean Torrence fans will get to see the musician, who will make a guest appearance in between his gigs. We’ve noticed he and his band (he’s a local HB guy) will be playing around the globe upcoming.

4 Responses to “Weekend Picks For April”

  1. Hurrican Says:
    It’s always a happening at ‘Canes. Come on by and check it. It’s located in downtown HB. LOcals only, no way!
  2. bizzy Says:
    That photo you have of a dog at the wetlands portrays the image that dogs are allowed there. They are not! Please clarify that so people don’t take their pets to the wetlands.
  3. editor Says:
    Thanks for pointing out about the dog. It was such a great photo of one of those rare days where you can actually see the mountains and snow. Plus the guy had on a bright red shirt. The dog really should not have been there, however. I actually have made the mistake of riding into the wetlands by bicycle along the rocky path at the drainage ditch. When I arrived at the walk trail, I was immediately alerted that my bike was not permitted. From the place I entered via the home tracts, there was no signage. People make mistakes there all the time. This fragile ecosystem suffers when we humans don’t adhere to rules that are created to protect the birds, plants and animal species.
  4. chris Says:
    Please check out my coverage and video of this event!

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