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March 2009
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Got SKIN? AVP Does!
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Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) has launched new ads for 2009 and they’re down to the skinny again. Like a few years back when the ladies of volleyball were told to wear g-string bikinis to help increase attendance, a set of sexy ads recently released show close-up shots of players’ behinds and other body part to lure in an audience and try to sell what’s basically a game of skill and athleticism with sex. Frankly, it didn’t work then and it doesn’t work for me now. Either you are going to watch volleyball because you like it or not. You can slap some mud pools in the center beach ring and get some ladies mud wrestling in skimpy swim suits. But short of that, the top volleybally players are Olympic competitors with muscles of steel and hard bodies built for maximum play. Exposure is not necessarily what’s needed to increase V-ball appeal. Nor is the addition of ticket sales that made the game less available to the average joe last year.

Print and online advertisements, plus outdoor advertisements include photos of Holly McPeak, Tyra Turner, Kerri Walsh, Phil Dalhausser, Mike Morrison, Todd Rogers and Sean Scott in various states of skin. Stomachs, shoulders, backs, chests and arms of the players in action, and the butt of a model shown above all seek to entice the public out to something tintilating, exciting and inviting. An ad campaing spends its 2009 budget of over half-a-million dollars under the direction of Torrance agency Project Design to presents an attention-grabber.

“It’s a very sexy sport,” Holly McPeak says of volleyball, and adds that AVP players are comfortable “in our skins”.  “Because we compete in bikinis and the men compete in board shorts. Those are our uniforms. When you’re diving in sand and have to cover a huge amount of space, the less material the better,” she adds. “It’s a functional uniform.”

The 2009 AVP tour dates include March 27-29 in Panama City, Fla.,  with stops in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, the Hamptons, Houston, Las Vegas and San Francisco in addition to mainstay Southern California sites like Huntington Beach and Manhattan Beach. The tour ends in
Glendale, Ariz., Sept. 24-26.

South Side of Huntington Beach Pier

285 Pacific Coast Highway Huntington Beach,CA 92648

Huntington Beach is one of the big Southern California stops that is a crowd favorite on the AVP Crocs Tour.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Men’s and Women’s Qualifier Competition
Gates open at TBD
Start time 12:00 AM. End Time (Approx) 12:00 AM.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Men’s and Women’s Main Draw Competition
Gates open at TBD
Start time 12:00 AM. End Time (Approx) 12:00 AM.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Men’s and Women’s Main Draw Competition
Gates open at TBD
Start time 12:00 AM. End Time (Approx) 12:00 AM.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Men’s and Women’s Main Draw Competition
Gates open at TBD
Start time 12:00 AM. End Time (Approx) 12:00 AM.

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Surf City Queen - It’s Official!
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surf city queen and court

Surf City has a new queen as of February 2009

Each year a contest is held through the efforts of the Women of Action to pick a young lady to represent Huntington Beach at official events, and at the California competition. Congratulations goes out to Kate Brewster, Miss Huntington Beach 2009. This APA student (Academy of Performing Arts) will represent Huntington Beach at many events such as ribbon cuttings, and the float at the 4th of July Parade. Her court includes: Chantelle Ruehman (first runner-up); Samantha Bullat (second runner up); Emily Walker (third runner up); and Kelsey Shulte (fourth runner up).

The 18-year old miss seeks a degree in music when graduating from Huntington Beach High School’s well known arts and entertainment academy program in May.  “Value of the Arts Enhancing General Education,” is her focus during her one-year reign. She is a member of  Surf City Singers, and was honored Best Female Vocalist for the Performing Arts in 2008. Pam Alagata, executive director of the Miss Huntington Beach Scholarship Pageant, assists the young ladies throughout the year in performing their volunteer duties in Huntington Beach.

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HB Centennial Marching Along
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Huntington Beach is 100 years young. In March, the celebration marches on with the theme, Education in Huntington Beach. Events will focus on kids and learning. Over the past few months, many elementary and middle schools participated in an art and essay contest themed, “What was it like to live in Huntington Beach 100 years ago?” The winners will be announced and will receive their prizes at the March16, 2009 City Council meeting which will also include a special Flag Ceremony by the Boy Scouts of America. The meeting will begin at 6:00 pm at City Hall and will be broadcasted live on HBTV-3. The meeting is held in City Council Chambers at 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA.

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LIFE’s A BEACH at Spring Camp
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Kids get bored so easily if you don’t keep them occupied and busy. Huntington Beach’s Community Services Department knows that so well, and is offering kids something to do to pass the time. Their answer to fun comes in the form of  Spring Camps in April to include Art at the Beach, Surf Camp, Skateboarding Camp and Junior Tennis. Now that sounds like fun!

Walk in registrations are available at the major parks. For information, call Community Services: (714) 536-5486.

Art at the Beach will be held April 6 to 10 and will include visual and performing arts activities such as drawing, painting, music, dance, sculpture, and more. Ages 6  to 12 are invited to participate. Cost: $190.

HB Surf Camp  hosts one-week classes April 6-10, and April 13-17. Beginner to advanced surfers can take their skills to the next level, or just practice what they already enjoy with some pointers an added bonus. Cost: $245.

Skateboarding Camp will be hosted from April 6 to 10 and will offer training, tricks, advanced tricks and tips. Cost: $159.

Junior Tennis Camp meets on April 6 and goes for 5 days. Beginners to advanced ages 6 to 16 are invited to join in.
Registration is through the City of Huntington Beach. Cost: $110.


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Huntington Beach Central Library, a stand-alone library system a cut above the OC library system (we think), is offering something new. In Feb. there was a kick-off for MP3 audio books. Free, downloadable audio books  were “checked out” by over 400 book tourists who stopped by the information table at the cool Overdrive Digital Bookmobile. Bookmobile was set up to show the use of MP3 technology which replaced the old casette tapes in offering easy downloadable audio books for listening on portable MP3 players. Library users of all ages are already accessing books and enjoying the new service.

Even in publishing today, you can opt to get your book in sound bites rather than ever having to read a word.  To download free audio books:

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