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December 2023
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HB AttackerIn a recent attack in downtown Huntington Beach leading to a young man fighting for his life, witnesses have helped create a sketch of a suspect in the attack that happened near the bars in downtown Huntington Beach, Calif.  The 21-year-old man remains in critical condition, and the man accused of
stabbing him is being sought. The public is asked to help out by calling the Huntington Beach Police Department at 714-375-5066 if you recognize anyone who looks like this sketch.

The attack happened early Sunday morning just as the downtown bars were closing. A group of youg men waited for a ride from a friend near IHOP, when they were confronted by hecklers. Trying to move away from the aggressors, the group went by the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum and houses on Sixth Street and Olive Avenue, when an attacker caught and stabbed one of the friends. 

5 Responses to “UPDATE ON HB ATTACKER”

  1. calipy Says:
    I am guessing the sketch artist gave him the suspect some hair so the public might not be thrown off guard by the shaved head appearance? Otherwise the story doesn’t make sense.
  2. jbyod Says:
    It’s kind of strange that suspect and his accomplices are described as white with shaved heads, but not skinheads. Then there’s the part of the report about arguing, which is confusing. What really happened? Was there a little more to this than the witnesses are telling?
  3. jbyod Says:
    If people saw these guys confronting people passing by, why didn’t anyone contact the police and report this? If you think about 2 a.m. in the morning in Huntington Beach, there may be many answers and explanations to account for the lack of police. A recent letters to editor spoke about the noise downtown residents have learned to tune out simply to cope with the party scene and bar drinking on Main Street. If I lived there, I’d probably have a fan going or turn on music all night so I could leave my window cracked, yet ignore the screams, hoots, hollars and cars that constantly go by at 2 a.m.
  4. prada Says:
    I am praying for that boy and no matter what happened, there’s no excuse for carrying around knives and stabbing people. Does Huntington Beach have gangs? According to what I’ve read and seen watching council meetings, I’d have to say yes. I hope no one would go after me downtown, but if they did, I’d run, too. I am not sure where I’d run because I don’t know if the police station is open that late over on 5th Street.
  5. zanat Says:
    The suspect should be easy to find. He looks like Barbie’s Ken or GI Joe. Oh, there’s about a million guys that look like that. Good luck!

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