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June 2024
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HB Girl’s Dad Wants His Mexican Daughter Back — in Acapulco
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A Huntington Beach girl who resides illegally with her mom in HB has been allowed to stay with mom during a custody battle in which her father wants he back in Mexico where he lives. A Federal panel overturned a district court decision that would have sent her from her mother to live with her father in Mexico, even though none of three people are U.S. citizens.  With a custody battle raging across the border, the feds are letting her live here because she is settled in her new country despite her lack of legal status. Overturning a District Court judgment that would have sent the 11-year-old to live with her father in Acapulco, this case addresses international custody disputes. In a ruling by a panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, this apparently  new interpretation of the Hague Conventions on the protection of children in cross-border disputes, creates one more nail in the coffin of adherence to U.S. laws over non-American citizens according to immigration reform proponents.

Ira Mehlman, national media director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said his organization believes the mother and daughter should be sent back to Mexico and let the Mexican authorities sort it out. The fact that someone brings a child to this country doesn’t entitle that child to stay automatically.

5 Responses to “HB Girl’s Dad Wants His Mexican Daughter Back — in Acapulco”

  1. Gutbuster Says:
    OK, I just read your blog about the mahi-mahi, and now this. I think I am getting sick. Hey, if you aren’t legally in a country, then how may places around the world are going to let you stay? The US is the place to go if you create a crime. In the rare chance you go to jail, you don’t have to eat crow. You can have mahi-mahi.
  2. tanya Says:
    He go easy, big gut. This girl is an innocent victim. She didn’t ask to be born, and she didn’t ask to be brought illegally into the U.S. She’s just a cute kid who is probably already traumatized by her parents’ fighting. If her mom is breaking the law, I am surprised immigration is doing nothing, however.
  3. ocgurly girl Says:
    Why are you even discussing this? don’t you know that whatever you think or believe has no bearing whatsover on the process and rulings? you are just a citizen. Get real.
  4. Been benny Says:
    I am Hispanic, but I was born here and grew up in LA.I wish our country would stop being so sensitive to the rights of illegals.
  5. wxyzyzx Says:
    It’s obvious that we’re not going to solve this unfortunate incident. I say we all donate to Dr. Phil’s and Gloria Alred’s Octomom fund and help those innocent little babies who’ve yet to get settled in a home. Afterall, two publicists have dropped Nadia, and she needs all the help she can get.

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