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March 2024
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HB Residents To See Barack Obama in CM
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Huntington Beach residents are caught up in the excitement of a Town Hall meeting this Wednesday with the new President of the USA. No, he’s not coming to Surf City, U.S.A, but he’ll be close by in Costa Mesa. Line began to form for tickets to Obama event in which he will address a town hall Wednesday at the fairgrounds. Over 20 people were lined up by Monday evening as the sun went down at the Orange County Fair & Event Center, hoping to secure their place to see President Barack Obama town hall event Wednesday. Among those in line was a 19-year old from Huntington Beach who will camp out with friends.

Barack Obama fever caught on with the election of the first African American president in 2009 when Legoland California created an innaugural display in its U.S. Capitol Lego section. So popular was the display, complete with the then-to-be president’s wife and children made of Lego bricks, that it received national attention from international press even picked up the story and exhibition.

Now you can see the real live man in person, and find out what his vision is for getting Americans back to work, and keeping AIG execs that we bailed out from receiving their multi-million dollar bonuses for their bad performance. In California, the unemployment is under-reported at around 10 to 11 percent. In reality, those who don’t qualify for unemployment that are out of work would push the figures to well over 15% if reported accurately.

6 Responses to “HB Residents To See Barack Obama in CM”

  1. mensa Says:
    I have stumbled into the weekly meeting of the republican losers club. Every time you cry,I laugh.If it scares you,It thrills me.If you are depressed,I am ecstatic. Now you know how many of us have felt for the last 8 years.I feel your pain….and I am enjoying it.
  2. bbdibby Says:
    Obama is a socialist some say but in reality he has no idea what socialism is. I know because I read wikipedia.
  3. ticketr Says:
    Obama is one of those washington elites who just happens to be president. People treat him like a star. Your report says over 20 people showed up. Isn’t that kind of lame? Think how many show up at the Oscars! Now that’s star power.
  4. bomba Says:
    Umbrella on the Register site must be hired to make up those comments. That’s why I am posting to your site instead. Does someone pay these people to post to the blogs? Me thinks so, but I do not protest too much.
  5. minsrati Says:
    We can cry about the state of affairs our government has gotten us into but we really don’t get anything done by complaining. These town hall meetings and Barack’s selection of cabinet positions, plus his spending all point to more window dressing as the American public has already been sold off to the highest bidder for the assets.
  6. bigstuff Says:
    I think he’s at least acting like he’s doing something. And by the way, who is outraged by AIG? I think they have a contract (like some of our national athletes) that should be honored. The only reason they shouldn’t get more money is become of their under-performance. As I sell off my stock at a 50% loss, I blame myself for buying it as a retirement plan. I was the stupid one, and have no one else to blame!

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