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December 2023
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Bob Wingenroth, New HB Finance Chief
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Huntington Beach is seeing such an infusion of new people, and talent. It’s a delight to see variety of individuals who come to the city to work. For instance, the new finance chief for Surf City hales from Phoenix, one of our best travel markets. (Phoenix also targets us for winter vacations).  Phoenix Finance Director Bob Wingenroth is leaving the desert for the beach, cold & heat for moderate temps, and after reting from a 28-year career, will begin making more money here–$173,368 annually. Now that alone makes moving worth one’s time. But what to do about his wife?

Wingenroth met his wife on the job for the City of Phoenix, and Lauri is staying there to work as Assistant Public Transit Director. “December marked my 25th year with the City of Phoenix and I intend to complete my working career here in my hometown,” wrote Lauri Wingenroth,  to counterparts, officials and friends in the inner loop. “Bob will work many more years than I to support our family,” she added. “The opportunity for Bob to work and our family to live in Huntington Beach is attractive and exciting, so we decided to give it a go.”

Visiting OC on weekends like so many tourists, this family is growing to like what they see, but for now, Bob will commute back to  Phoenix three out of every four weekends, while Lauri will fly to SoCal and come to Huntington Beach or wherever they find a home to purchase or rent, according to her note to friends.

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  1. grv Says:
    I think it’s great that someone would bring their talent from a larger city to HB. Who wouldn’t want to move here?

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