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November 2022
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Rock Me Baby, in Huntington Beach
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There are so many fresh sounds and better known musicians appearing this month and next that we felt it was worth taking the time to steer you in the right direction. Up&coming artist Misha travels from New York to perform at Gallaghers this month. Beautiful, blonde, and quite melodic in her sound, she offers a free show! That’s one of the best deals around.–Maybe.

Then there’s the big gig at Pelican Isle. Another free concert brings together all star performers such as the drummer from the Walter Ttrout band and bass guitarist for John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. These famous bands hold a long history with Huntington Beach, and it’s great that musicians find the local scene worthy of their attention. Erich Munzner who put a band together (Good Fortune), has managed to create a sound that’s professional, unique, and very compelling.  Read more

2 Responses to “Rock Me Baby, in Huntington Beach”

  1. john Says:
    Working in the music industry in Hollywood, I live in Huntington Beach and like it because of the affordable housing and beach, of course. There is a lot of creative juice coming out of Southern California. It’s great to live in a place that inspires musicians to create.
  2. bxb4me Says:
    Who wouldn’t like living here? It 75 degrees in the dead of winter and we’re running around in our shorts and barefeet. How can those people back east stand those ice and snow blizzards? Tonight I’ll be going out for a brew and some tunes. Take a coat? No.

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